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a magical place where add ons flock like the salmon of capistrano, where mr chompers chip like theres no tomorrow, where joe cooks burgers and still drives a $150 pickup, where all outside employees show up blasted from the night before, where stories about bangin broads, spittin misters, grout is scratched out, where spf tennis games get out of hand, where frisbees fly like nasa, where food orders arrive all day erday, where hunover employees get picked up by shuttles after crashin whips, where chocolates where guests sandals, where b-b-q stuff was born, where we describe let me see your grill competitions, where buffetts take place on the kiosk, where hungover mitches sleep at the tpc course for a dersert open, where 30 packs are always carried into the cart storage, where everyone hates hartman, where we fill coolers the night before, where hes fat and lazy like a bitch...tune in next week
RIP: durkin, shaw, patrick, first, humphries, amaya
maintenance breaks into loziers car at the desert course
by ryan September 08, 2006
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