When a group of people try to bring another person into their crowd. (Often someone already in the crowd will dismantle the desegregation and fuck up a possible desegregation)
Sarah was desegregated and finally brought into Joe's gang.
Henrietta was jealous and didn't like this so she very bitchily thoroughly dismantled the desegregation and any chance of a relationship between Sarah and Joe.
by The Mamma with the Quan October 16, 2007
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Concept that school integration can only be achieved through artificial race quotas in schools. Students of different races are forced by law to each other's schools. Opposed by many black leaders, did not help black students - the policy's intended benefactors - and also destroyed sense of community in all school districts affected.
"The discipline issues increased dramatically at City High due to the animosity generated by the new desegregation busing policy"
by jcmorgan January 9, 2009
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