1. The coolest philosopher ever. In his book "Meditations," he states that perhaps the entire world is merely an illusion that some decieving demon put into his mind. This idea led to some awesome movies, such as The Matrix and The Truman Show.

2. A dualist, which means that he believes that the mind and the body are seperate entities. He's a wise man, this Descartes.
by Susievader May 5, 2006
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(Pronounced Day-Cart) The most mind-fucking philosopher ever.

In his 'Meditations', Descartes discards all of his presupposed notions. He disregards all sense-experience, thus becoming skeptical of the existence of basic matter. He then proceeds to re-prove the existence of just about fucking everything via a series of nonsensical ideas and circular arguments (many of which contain the concept of a superior entity).

Also invented the Cartesian plain (X-Y graph). Basically, everything you'll ever learn in school somehow relates back to Descartes in some way, even though his whole philosophy was against the concept of presupposed knowledge (The very definition of school)
Descartes' basic philosophy:
1. Nothing exists
2. I think therefore I am (I exist)
3. I cannot think by myself
4. God must exist
5. God is good
6. God would not provide me with deceitful senses
7. Everything exists
by SmexiMexiStoleYourPepsi August 14, 2014
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