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A 'race' of dragons which is essentially kendii with horns and horrible anatomy. 'Created'(ripped from Aido Rakaen, authour of Fallen) by the infamous and untalented art theif Banrai, who is known for her lack of talent and 'hello pitying', by such methods as claiming her boyfriend hit her showing sharpied on 'cuts' as proof in bad webcam photos.

Any image of the 'derra' should not be taken seriously, and should be checked and rechecked to see which parts she stole from which Aido Rakaen image.
Wow, first she claims 'inspiration', and then that the Kendii are rips of her! She really needs to get her story straight with those Derra!
by Kasai July 09, 2005
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A race of mamillian dragons. They are related to the Mast Leviathans, Dawn Leviathans and the Dawn Leviathans. Properly, the race is called the Derra Leviathan. They come in various breeds, ranging in color from dark black-gray to white, to brown and red. Some are even born pink or blue!
"Maybe we will spot a Derra today!"
by Mantra April 03, 2005
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