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This is the name of a person that is a complete and total loser. They are generally math teachers but have a major in spanish. The most common word they will use is "stuff". The average number of times that word is used is about 18 times a day. People with this name also drink 42 cases of Mountain Dew a month which means 6 cans a day and still not die of diabetes for whatever reason. They do not know how to teach and usually end class with "And that's what we have". Aside from that, when you ask them to explain something to you they will explain it like this "Just do the stuff like we did in class..." If you ever meet a person with this name, don't sneak up on them, for you will get shot.
"That foo Derek Krueger does not know how to teach math"
by DaBoiThatSpeaksTheTruth October 05, 2017
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