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A Johnny Depp orgasm that is 100x times better than any orgasm a human being has felt during sex.
I had a deppgasm while watching POTC!
by The EBF patrol December 17, 2004
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This commonly used phrase, was first dated back to the turn of the 17th century meaning what happened to 2 lovers when they were hit by cupids arrow, increasing their love and with that, their tremendous lust. Now of course, its meaning has changed slightly. It now refers to a man known as Boppington. It is urban legend that this man had the power to make lesbian women and straight men fall desperatly in lust with him. As for gay men and straight women however, they would stalk him for lifetimes and at every opportunity, would make love with him any place. anytime. It also refers to a feeling that one can only get when seeing this man. The feeling is not spiritual and sexual. It is a feeling that cannot be described unless one has felt it. When one reaches this state, they are enlightened. Buddha experienced this and discovered the meaning of light when having his deppgasm. (See "Boppington" and "Johnny Depp" for more on this perfect man.)
While a school was watching movie POTC, they all experienced a deppgasm simultaneosly.
by Rena S February 03, 2005
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