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A disorder where the person feels that he/she is not real, Stuck in a dream state, in another dimension, Feeling that they are going insane, feeling like a zombie or robot, losing track of time, and can't stop thinking of thoughts that bother them. It is said that depersonalization is a effect of really high anxiety/depression. depersonalization can also sometimes be caused by Drugs Such as marijuana or ecstasy. There is currently no known cure for depersonalization but the feeling does end up leaving on it's own. It is also said that anti anxiety/depression medicine can help some people suffering from depersonalization. The important things to know about depersonalization is that people suffering from it are NOT alone, and they are NOT going insane. depersonalization is just a feeling of emotions, No one has ever died of emotions. There are website forums that are filled with many other people suffering from depersonalization that can help.
1; This depersonalization is killing me! I swear it feels like i'm going insane!

2; My brother is suffering from depersonalization, He feels like nothing exist, that everything is fake.
by iNachoz August 02, 2009
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