to be exceptionally late
I should've been reading this story months ago; you pulled a serious depalma!
by Mike September 14, 2003
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An Australian glass industry term used to describe a manager or supervisor who has usually has a university degree but has zero "real world" life skills. Known for sitting behind a desk for most of the time, studies numbers for fun, but lacks any for of empathy for subordinates.
Will often hide behind phases such as "the company has decided" or "management has decided to..." without taking any ownership his/her own bad decisions.
Sending this rubbish to a customer is depalma special!
by Glass101 November 5, 2021
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A woman that gets upset anytime you say a fact about her that she doesn’t like, refuses to change, but decides to sue you for it.
Wow, that litigious lady is a real Rachel DePalma!
by Stebbs March 29, 2022
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