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The act of performing an action that is against the ideals, logistics, political values, style, linguistics, tastes in women, tastes in food, choice of cable provider, choice of middle name, work ethic, militarism, gun rights, and any any other liberal thing you can think of that Barack Obama would do. n. (v. : Deobamanize)
1. Hey Mike lets litter so we can deobamanize this country.

2. Well son, one good way to show your deobamanization skills is to take your little sisters pink 22cal. rifle and recklessly shoot birds.

3. Deobamanization will occur when marinara sauce is smeared all over priuses.

4. Driving a Turbo Diesel with pouring black exhaust smoke is a great way to deobamanize, here take my Turbo Diesel that has two mega smoke stacks and two exhaust pipes and a prius ram.
by antiobamanist June 13, 2010
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