Someone who is sexually attracted to Tavish DeGroot; the Demoman.
Guy 1: I've cum gallons to The Demoman. I am definitely a Demosexual.
Guy 2: What the fuck?
by gilbert69420 September 12, 2020
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From demo, the greek word meaning "people" and, sexual, the English word meaning "anything to do with private areas of your body," the word demosexual is commonly used to refer to someone who is NOT bisexual, but likes people regardless of gender. Someone who is "demosexual" is attracted to people regardless of gender but may identify more with the homo or heterosexual lifestyle.
"I'm dating John. I'm attracted to Lisa, but not girls in general. I might be demosexual."
by angstmetalsong January 30, 2006
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A sexual orientation where the individual needs a sexual attraction before a romantic one can be made
"After that hookup last night I think I might be Demosexual/Demoromantic"
by KozzyArts November 21, 2022
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