typically handsome guy and a man of determination, but he is very selfish, emotional and sort of a asshole, and he might get girls, but he mistreats them and loves to discourage people when they are down, he really hates when he’s wrong and is very aggressive and a overall a competitor who needs constant reassurance of his dominance he’s a great rival but terrible friend
hey did you see demondre in the fight yesterday he was a beast out there
by kkdawggggg July 8, 2019
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Demondre is a person that dates kaela he is strong smart and talented young
Demondre is funny
by Dededw October 24, 2019
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Next up and coming hip-hop artist
lupe fiasco prodigy and will be coming
to a CD store near you in 2013.
Dude in 2013:ay did u hear that song by demondre?
Dude #2 in 2013:yea yea that hit was tight.
by jhombi!!!! May 16, 2008
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