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Noun The plural of "demension", this word refers to two or more of any "fussy" or "precise" or "stringent" measurements (length, width, height, depth, weight, amount, levelling/alignment, etc.), or to an unusually large quantity of these stipulations, which are involved in a construction/scientific project, details that typically cause the laborers and supervisors involved in the endeavor to actually go partially insane over the fastidious/voluminous details, and sometimes to even actually see the nauseating mathematical figures in their sleep. Can also refer to a debilitating mental condition brought on by excessive exposure to said precise-measurement headaches, or to a similar condition suffered by someone who is unnaturally/totally obsessed with either (1) exact measurements of various objects, or (2) the "measurements" of an admired person whom he'd like to be intimate with.
Harry used to love fine cabinet-making, but he eventually got such a rip-roaring case of demensia that he had to quit that line of work; he now enjoys befriending attractive women, and measuring their boob- and waist-sizes.
by QuacksO May 08, 2014
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