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when you try to fox someone by making them think you are about to say delicious.. basically you think you should be nice when half way through saying the word you have enough balls to change your mind and really tell them the meal they cooked was really shit. it was delishit
emma- hey fred how was that dinner i cooked for you this evening?

fred- oh.. it was deli.. (watch her smile as she thinks you are about to say delicious)..shit actually.

emma- delishit.. oh.. i'll go to urban dictionary to see what that word means.

fred- runs out the door whilst still having unbroken legs.
by tiger roberts May 17, 2010
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An adjective or noun used to describe something that you would normally be embarrassed to enjoy or approve of; a guilty pleasure.
Listening to those crappy yet oh-so-catchy Kidz Bop remixes of popular songs is pure delishit!
by teenagemutantninjascrotum June 22, 2011
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