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Delayna is very sensitive. she likes to be around her friends and family. she usually isn't very popular. she is caring, friendly, funny, and sensitive. if you get the chance to know her treat her like no other, because it's always an honor.
who is that Delayna girl? I'd love to get to know her!
by leelayna June 24, 2015
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by Hukra March 14, 2009
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Delayna is really smart but has a really dumb personality. She knows when it's time to act serious and when she should act funny. She has an awful sense of humor that makes her even more funny. She can be a bit quiet but once you get to know her, she will surprise you with how loud and annoying she can be. She isn't the prettiest person but tries her best to be friendly and inviting.
Person #1- Dang Delayna is smart!

Person #2- Just wait until you get to know her. She is completely different.
by _depression November 10, 2019
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