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The experience of inexplicable familiarity felt when seeing a bro in a social setting (e.g. a party). This familiarity is often inexplicable due to excessive consumption of alcohol by both parties. But following a conversation between the two bros and some hard thinking, it is usually surmised that they met in class, saw each other on campus, or ran into each other in some other random setting. This often leads to good-natured conversation about their limited commonality over drinks.
Bro #1: "Bro, I've got total deja bro right now? Where have I seen you before?"

Bro #2: "Yeah same, dawg. Did we have a finance class together or something?"

Bro #1: "Yeah! Now I remember, I was mad hungover when you did some dumb ass presentation or something!"

Bro #2: "Tight, bro! That makes two of us!"

(they high five, cheers their cans of Natty Ice, and chug)
by PTouch August 24, 2010
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