Essentially the opposite of déjà vu: coming into contact with an object, having an experience or encounter, or meeting someone that feels completely "first time", new, original -- but definitely isn't... there is some definitive proof that you have been in this situation before: others have witnessed it, or even worse, your own notes belie your having had this experience before.

Somewhat akin to having "a senior moment", or being pre-Alzheimer's, but more public, thus more embarrassing.
I was reading a book's passage, and was blown away by the writing and was going to write something down as a comment, then turned the page and saw I had once before already done just that, years ago. I felt a shimmering of "deja new".
by semper-fido October 31, 2007
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the strange feeling that one has witnessed or heard this news previously be it due to archives, monotony, or actual deja vu.
I can't watch tv...I'm so stifled by the deja news.
by Corey Bowles November 6, 2007
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