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This is a form of sexual activity/torture that, like most cases of rape, is intent more on degrading the victim, uh, partner, that is, than sexual gratification. It attempts (and most often succeeds) in mentally scarring the victim into worthlessness. Usually, a great deal of disgusting sex acts and maiming occurs. Bleeding to degradation deviance is lies to a politician; hard to complete without.

This is performed in a secluded area, never fully in front of a large crowd. Often, the dominant party is male, while the subject can be either male or female. Circumcision is almost a neccessity to construe as dd, and many times, castration will occur. This may also incorporate scat, pissing, s&m/bdsm, and knife-work. This is best performed in the extreme, as a snuff movie. While it is impossible to define every act possible in dd, the subject should be left suicidal for a few days, and will be struck with fear at the mere passing mention of what happened to them. This will make anyone who knows thier history a form of "master", with the ability to scare them into doing as told simply by threatening to release the information, or keep reminding the victim of what happened. Often, the taped occurences of thisare sold for high prices.
I wish to commit dd on your daughter.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 24, 2004
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