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A Defty is a person who is the absolute in amazing. Defty means you are a person with outstanding humour and intelligence. The most loving and caring person you will ever meet upon this earth. Defty is of Nerd origin and is usually found playing Zelda games and watching LoL Matches. A Defty is quiet by nature but is a very charming bubbly person when in a crowd and makes friends easily. A Defty is also very private. In order to be apart of a Defty's life, you must be incredible for no one deserves a Defty if you're anything less than that. If you ever have the privilege (and it will be one of the greatest privileges you'll ever have) to meet a Defty, keep them close, keep them happy, love them with all your soul and keep them safe. You will never meet anyone as wonderful as a Defty and they deserve the best. Once a Defty has entered your life, you won't be able to let them go. They capture your heart, your mind, your soul and animate your entire world. They are unforgettable and make you believe that there is a word out there somewhere that means more than just "love". Caution: Defty's are addictive.
"You're such a Defty!"
by Naruto-Uzumaki December 17, 2013
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