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–noun (verb: defecant)

1. One who conducts the liturgical portion of a service and sings or chants the prayers and parts of prayers designed to be performed as solos while voiding excrement from the bowels through the anus; One who has a bowel movement and sings during the process.

2. One who combines song, esp. classical or religious chants, with taking a dump.
1. The defecantor firmly released the mudpiles from his anus as he melodically recited the "Loquetur Dominus, Introit for Week XXXIV of Ordinary Time."

2. "Rabbi Shlomo Fine, a well respected Hazzan, loves to recite 'Akdamut' as he sprays the porcelain toilet bowls of his synagogue with party favors. He's a true defecantor!"

3. "Dude, my roommate's such a fucking defecantor! Every time he takes a shit, I can hear him singing Psalm 119!!! As soon as he starts I know the bathroom will be tied up for at least an hour. Fucking asshole."
by Hairy Bungaloo April 08, 2009
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