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A deepta is a person who holds huge capacity to be amazing, pretty, smart, logical, rational, cool and is super popular and is basically a great friend and person. Not to forget, good with memes and muns.
"Wow look at her, she looks so smart and pretty!"
"She's gotta be a deepta, dude"
by UnknownUnpretty March 13, 2018
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She's just so fucking cute and funny. When you look at a Deepta girl your day just gets a whole lot better. She's interesting and passionate and beautiful and you would be goddamn lucky to have a Deepta in your life.
Dave: I fucking love Lucy dude. She's perfect for me.

Tom: she's a Deepta bro. Don't let her go
by March 13, 2018
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A little bitch who thinks the world belongs to her
Doesn't care about feelings thinks boys like her because she's Mocha
Acts like she likes coffee to be hip but secretly hates it
Is kinda cute but venomous

I never knew she was a fucking deepta until that incident happened.
by Yesjeff March 13, 2018
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