decocainized=Coca products that are solvent free.Coca that has not been made into cocaine.According to the U.S.A. Code of Federal Regulation statue 182.20

U.S.A.decocainized =E.S.O.and G.R.A.S..Essential Oils and Solvent free.General Recognized As Safe,having no restriction of quantity or use.
Coca used in traditional natural form is decocainized.If you add any solvents such as ethanol or hydrochloric acid to those coca leafs it is no longer decocainized.Even though coca consumed in its natural form is decocainized,you will still test positive for benzoylecgonine.Coca+ethanol+hydrochloric acid=benzoylecgonine.The use of ethanol and hydrochloric acid in all benzoylecgonine drug making kits{so called cocaine drug test kits} will no longer deem your tea decocainized.
by paita January 8, 2013
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