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When you're so broke you spiral into a deep depression stopping you from doing things you love and hanging out with people.
"Hey man, wanna go out tonight?"

"Nah man I don't wanna get worse debtpression"
by Chardlz January 15, 2017
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The crippling emotion that is a combination of financial anxiety caused by student loans and depression
i'm gonna sell my lungs on the black market Because I can't breath under all this debtpression anyways
by Caleb1460 February 04, 2017
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I'm aware there is another definition of this on the site but here is mine. Debtpression is when you are in debt probably deep in debt therefore causing you to be depressed over it and you probably can't pay back your debts thus making both debt and depression worse.
I have crippling debtpression! Wow that is outdated and not very original. Debtpression is where you get in debt thus causing you to be depressed.
by Jill Doe, Dildoe July 07, 2019
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