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A word used by cavemen imitators or present day cavemen decendents. It is a vulgor term used to greet a fellow cavemen, but can also be used as a war call/threat towards enemies or others who threaten the caveman. The cavemen aren't actually "cavemen", but they are people (usually adolescents) who like to believe they are.
Note: Term originated from the small city of Saskatoon, located in the province Saskatchewan of the country Canada. There are many more terms that are yet to be deciphered.
Pavlo: Debaba!
Jesse: Debaba dewron jyp!
Pavlo: Dingus flonker!!

(Pavlo is greeting fellow caveman Jesse. Jesse responds with debaba, followed by two other caveman words which are yet to be deciphered. that is then followed by Pavlo, who says yet another term which is yet to be deciphered)
by the real meatball August 07, 2009
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