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is when some creepy perv tracks your phone and sends you creepy texts saying I am right behind you or saying that I am gonna kill you also they might text you (===;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;> that also means death in a really really retarded way.
Death texting
perv- am here to brutally rape you and give you aids while you die in a slow and painful death Perv- ||||||||-) ~~~~~ The other guy- wow I never would of known you had such a small penis Perv- sorry typo
The other dude- OK so a perverted slut told me that he was going to rape me and give me aids and he says sorry? You kind of sick at being creepy...

PERV- I watch you in your sleep

The other dude- OH you just gave it away your my pervy neighbor that Jacks off by the window whenever you see someone walk by

Perv-uuuuuuhhhhh, and then he stops texting.
by Turtle neckin' March 12, 2015
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