1. A shit so excruciatingly massive and voluminous that the shittee blacks out every now and then from straining to pinch it off.

2. The kind of diarrhea that just keeps coming out in a soupy mix of week-old tacos and gastric juices that dehydrates the shitter to the point of hallucination.
"Jesus Christ, did you hear John on the throne last night? He must've excreted a deadshit-ton because he came out an hour later with a lute telling everyone he was Sarah Palin."
by NearLight October 24, 2008
Defined as the amount of shit-tonnage any person can carry at once before they kill themselves. Also used to describe the carrying capacity of U.S. Naval ships.
"What with his girlfriend cheating on him with his sister, and his WoW account being suspended indefinitely, John had a deadshit-ton of problems he couldn't bear."
by NearLight October 24, 2008