(n) The opposite of Whiskey Dick. The ability to maintain a massive erection while incredibly intoxicated, all the while being very physically resistant to achieving climax.

(v) To maintain an erection with little possibility of climax during the course of drunken sexual intercourse, all under the guise of great sexual performance.
"Last night I had drunk sex with my girlfriend for four hours without ever cumming. I had dead dick so bad I almost called the Cialis hotline."

"All these girls think I'm so great in bed, but really they all just got dead dicked."
by Cat Wild February 26, 2010
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When a chick teases you really good and you think you're going to get laid, and then she totally stops. Like a dead arm, but more painful/important/cruel.
Dude with a boner: Oh my god baby you're so hot!
Hot blonde Sweedish chick: So are you! (playing with his dick)
Dude with a boner: So this means I'm getting laid right?
Hot blonde Sweedish chick: Nope. (As she walks out of the room and drives home)
Dude with a boner: Man! She gave me such a dead dick!
by TheAntiBallJuggler April 30, 2009
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