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a term similar to necrofilia. when one recieves oral from a corpse, usually from an orifice other than the mouth. i.e. a slit in the throat, or an eye socket. claimed to feel better than that if recieving from a living creature

i aint gonna shell out money for a hooker when i could go to the cemetary and get some dead neck for free
by Angry Titan April 16, 2008
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A person who is southern at heart with a big city kick. Cowboys from hell. Covered in tattoos, riding harleys, listening to metal, and having a good time. A deadneck sees no color and respects all race and creed.
by roosterDNR414 February 25, 2010
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Based on the term "redneck", "deadneck" refers to a stupid, non-thinking person, as in "dead from the neck up".
"You mean you've never voted in any election, deadneck?"
by Georg Znaeym April 26, 2006
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