Dick Don't Fit.
Simple. When a guys dick doesn't fit in a girls pussy cause she's just too tight.
"Babe it's just not going to fit"
"ugh fine DDF"
by Jackson Frosty November 19, 2013
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Distance Distortion Factor. When a girl looks hot from a distance but isn't when you get closer.
"Dude, she looks hot"

"Nah mate, it's just DDF. I've been closer and she isn't."
by Josh938393873 December 6, 2015
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Distance Distortion Function

When a girl is really hot from far away, but when you get closer, u realize dat she aint dat hot! the distance made her hot.
Whoa, dat girl suffers from DDF
by OhFace485 December 12, 2006
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A DECA doll face or DDF refers to the best type of DECA girl you could ever meet. She is amazing, witty, beautiful and hillarious. This type of women is very prominent in the business world and sets high standards for herself. She'll probably be your boss someday.
the best type of DECA girl you could ever meet; not a DECA slut

ex. Wow look at the DDF! She is smart and hott!
by ashdaksdhal February 11, 2008
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Dog Dick Funny, cause we all know how funny a dog's dick is.
1. OMG, that was so DDF!
2. Get your DDF face out of my sight!
3. I've heard some funny jokes, but that last joke was just DDF.
by Stroh May 1, 2008
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DDF is a look on the face similar to RBF but with an added rancid, un-groomed taste of a dirty, bitter possibly un-cut dick lingering on the taste buds.
by Stinky&TheJew December 7, 2019
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