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An argument relating to one or more DAW (digital audio workstation) software applications.

Musicians and producers are notoriously passionate about their tools, the main one being their DAW, a computer software application that lets the user record, edit and playback music/beats/songs/audio.

Virtually all contempory music these days has been inside one of the most popular DAW environments, and the respecitive features, interfaces, stability and support of the different applications is under constant discussion on music related forums and email lists, and often degenerates into arguments about which host is better.
Examples of comments which might result in a DAWgument:
"Logic sucks because the interface is just too confusing, it should be more like Cubase"

"Live just isn't a proper DAW"

"Why can't Logic edit audio the same way as Pro Tools, which is much better"
by benzil June 21, 2006
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