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Of low quality; lowbrow; low budget; unfortunate; dank; jank; rank
janky bootleg ratchet fugly dank rank bye Felicia byefelicia lowbudget lowbudg gross ghetto ratty junky busted messy sloppy funky
"They served Lays potato chips and Oscar Meyers bolagna at the wedding. It was so darthy."

"I mean, he was nice, but his apartment was darthy - 7th floor walk-up studio with an Easy Bake Oven as the 'kitchen.' Nope."

"Did you see that bathroom? Girls be like peeing in the sinks and shiz. Darthy as hell."

"And then she walked in with this darthy outfit of mom jeans, a stained white blouse, and running sneakers, and I was just appalled."
by therealdealdef April 12, 2015
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