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A kickass fighting game series from Capcom. It focus around horror movie-esqe characters beating the crap out of each other in order to take over/protect/destroy the world. There was also an anime series, which was also kickass.
Unfortunately, Capcom's laziness almost killed the series. However, interest in making a new game has surface recently, causing Darkstalkers fans around the world to rejoice.
Darkstalkers is the best fighting game series EVER!!!
by bat-chan January 26, 2008
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A term commonly used for girls that only go after Black guys. The term can also be used for guys that only go after Black girls as well, although it's less common.
Man, the only messages I get on pof are from Darkstalkers. You know the ones, "Sorry I only date Black guys".
by Konomaru September 18, 2016
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