A fine ass girl she smart and she a funny girl thats fun to be around she thick ass hell too.
by Moneathegoat June 18, 2018
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and undersiably beautiful young lady with many talents 😉 she can brighten up somebodies day with just a smile ... she cares about others and is very generous!! she’s a Leo , so she runs shit ! she doesn’t need a man in her life , but when she gets one , she’s all for him !!! 😍 she’s sexy in and out and her flaws still make her beautiful ... she’s fine asl and attracts many people both girls and boys ... she dates dykes too cause she’s always up for something new ❤️ she’s super smart , and has a bright heart ... she plays a lot tho ! you can never take her seriously lol
“look there goes Dariah ! , she’s fire !!!”
“Yo let’s call Dariah , hearing her voice makes my day “ ❤️
by yerooooobitchhhhhh June 05, 2019
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