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someone who always seems 2 get the highest score in maths even whilst suffering from beubonic plague. however when out of school they lead a secret double life where they do crazy stunts with fellow daredevil boffins. such as bungee jumping off the mensa headquarters and running in front of cars screaming algebra sums.
you'd never have guessed that old archibald fitz-geek was a daredevil boffin!
by monkey_nuts November 21, 2004
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a rather palatable human being of the teenage variety (usually), who will always show an inteligent side, always gets 137% in tests, and will lick a teachers arse clean. however outside of school and work will surprise their equaintances by 'risking death''and jump of 16 storey high bulidings while shouting of their love of einstien & the like. also ive known one to adopt the look of a chav (VERY VERY VERY dangerous act) for scientific purposes... basicly they rock!!
saskia: hello old chum, looks like i got the highest in the class AGAIN
christine: it would appear so
saskia:*jumps off school stage to amazement of cheerleaders & the general public* ooooooooo look at the force at which my body propelled from the stage..*calculates*
by delorice August 05, 2005
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