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Danishia is this amazing person. Truly unique, clever, intelligent. There are no words to describe her awesomeness. Epic brilliance in all honesty.
Do you know a danishia?
I do.
Wow, you must be amazing if you know a danishia!!!
by danithetimelord May 30, 2012
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Amazing funny caring and someone you don't want to loose if lose it will be hard if yet impossible to get them back they are kind but if you take there kindness for granted it turns into one of the most dreadful feelings because a Danishia stops talking to you you don't know what to do and you try to get then back they will forgive but never forget...

They apologize first because there the bravest person and don't like fighting but will stand for what they believe in

They forgive because they are the stronger ones and hate dealing with old drama

They forget a lot if they really care because those who forgive are the happiest
Hey me and Danishia where going to go watch a movie wanna come

She forgave you

Yup but it took forever to get her trust back and this time I'm not letting her go

They are incredibly sexy and K of how to show you a good time with out even touching of the skin
by Superhero lover June 21, 2014
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