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A danger piss is the art of taking a piss, not only in public, but at a high risk of being caught. The riskier it is, the more bad-ass it is.
dude 1: i was out with my gf last night...and i had to piss...
dude 2: you didn't take a danger piss did you?
dude 1: yah.... so when we were in front of her parents house, she had to get something out of the car, so i pulled down my pants and let loose on the family dog
dude 2: you get caught?
dude 1: nope
dude 2: epick!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by greymaster3 December 03, 2011
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When urinating in a urinal that is flushing , so as you piss it nearly overflows on you.
I was having a danger piss , and it now I have piss on my shoes.
by RDN7 May 19, 2011
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