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n. A phrase or word created by comedian Dane Cook that people commonly quote.

"Where's the handle?" and "Start your day off the holy way with Christ Chex!" are my favorite dane-isms.
by MusicFreak_08 September 20, 2007
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the worship and study of rocks. beleiving that all were created by and from rocks and do return as such. Daneism is named after it's messiah like christianity. the messiah is said to be Dane Loathy, who in 2009 renewed the knowlodge of this ancient religion. Most paganism and the egyption religion were origionally Daneism, although named differently at that time. they all swayed from the main course caused by greed and misconceptions of their leaders. the origional name has been long forgotton although it is said not to be a word but a not not producable by humans. In ancient times humans had a nickname but only the earth itself could produce the sound of the true name. currently the earth is in a low acticvity period, sortof like sleeping, but it's slowly waking and becomeing more active with the more people that beleive in daneism. almost all major religions were origionally an interpretation of daneism by someone who fully understood it but couldn't explain it to others in literal terms and so the whole religion is a metaphor.
person 1"have you heard about the ending of the earth thing in 2012?"

person 2"ya the myans were great followers of daneism, we interpreted their prediction wrong though. 2012 is when the earth will begin fully awakening, which will involve apocalypse like mmovements of the earth."

person 1" sure?"

person 2"yup, daneism don't lie"
by sir echtor the reallyveryshort December 31, 2009
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