A cute fluffy guinea pig who is male and ginger and white and cute and fluffy
Are dandilion is so cute
by Guineapig0804 November 19, 2016
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the act of two woman sitting in a field of dandilions (or other throwable/small objects)and repeatedly taking turns trying to score.

score as in get the dandilion down the other wonams shirt, or wedged between their cleavege.

1. must be about 3 ft. apart.
2. must wear low cut shirt (no turtle necks fo sho)
3. must take turns, not a free for all here people.
4. dont use rocks, thats painfull.
5. dont grab the other chicks boobs. thats a foul.
6. first person to get 100 dandelions in the other persons cleavege wins.


1. make sure to properly discard of all dandilions down shirt.
2. make sure there are no horny guys in the premises.
Me and Katie like to play cleavage basketball with dandilions, at lunch.
by green bean is an iguana October 26, 2007
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If you're reading this, what are you doing here looking up a depressed person!? A depressed person who does bad things to themselves. A person who has a terrible life but ya know it could be worse. No like seriously what are you doing here!? Like go home before it's too late! Don't go looking for me on any social accounts I won't be there and of you do find me welp shoot meh a message and I won't respond or maybe I will depends if I am dead yet.
Wow that's Dandilion I am sorry dude
by GayBoi_33 February 16, 2021
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The floral meaning of the dandelion is that it is a gift to a loved one that will provide happiness, simple joy, pure love and is a promise to a partner of total faithfulness.

give a dandilion to someone and make a love related promise

dandelion promises are made too often for a world full of hate, and war
girl: i got you dandilions.. i promise ill always love you

boy: yeah? is that a dandilion promise?

girl: yeah.. //////
by k1ss4ph0bic January 27, 2021
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