A phrase used by football fans of all teams when poor decisions are made regarding player personnel. In reference to the King of bad mistakes, Mr. Carl Peterson, president of the Kansas City Chiefs.
"Our first round draft pick rushed for 38 yards his rookie season."

"Yeah I know, damnit, Carl!!!"
by Chiefman420 August 25, 2005
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words expressing anger or frustration or annoyance or just something really fun to say.

Created/inspired by the movie "the exorcist" where that carl guy always shows up when somethings goin wrong.
I didn't do my homework! DAMMIT CARL!
by katy-with-a-y September 23, 2004
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When a girl won’t ask your friend to a Sadie’s Dance
Me: Have you asked Bradon to the Sadie’s dance yet
Carlie: No not yet
Me: Dammit Carl
by Dean Gulbarry February 15, 2019
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