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A word that can be used in the place of any NOUN, VERB, ADJECTIVE, or ADVERB.

It is often used:
-> when a person forgets the word he/she wants to use.
-> when there is no word for what they want to say.
-> when you say something to someone and they know what you mean, but you don't want anyone else around you to know.
-> just to add effect to what you want to say.

*** The use of Dallah started in Joburg, South Africa. ***

As a NOUN: "Dude, you drank all my dallah!"
As a VERB: "I would sooo dallah that hot chick!"
As an ADJECTIVE: "Dude, did you see that dallah car?"
As an ADVERB: "Wow! Have you felt how dallah he hits!?"

It can also be used on its own; "Dallah!". (To express anger, joy, excitement, etc.)
by monkey underscore 1 4 7 June 20, 2009
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