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A gorgeous person,A great friend,A magnificent person.Smart but crazy around her friends.Kind Hearted,sweet,nice,talented,and last of all a magnificent friend.Dajanique is the sweetest person in the world.
by nikki2001 April 01, 2013
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Always ready to fight someone who acts petty or has an attitude. Makes great grades/ has an intelligent mind. Always ready for a come up. Doesn't need friends but has a lot/ her close friends become her fam. A very free spirited beautiful african american. Not at all scared to fight someone for her family and friends. Doesn't like extra people but is extra herself. . Always slays. Can get a man or take another one if she wants but doesn't because she isn't a thot.
Cares about herself to change and cares about others in the process.
Dajanique is always lit.
by lit2life June 08, 2017
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