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daisiella; beautiful, intellegent, sensitive but defensive of herself and those she adores and loves. she accepts people for who they are and she's kind, but also tells it like it is. often has dull, but big, amazing eyes. she usually goes by daisy, but doesn't at all mind daisiella. she often finds herself thinking about things extraordinary, she has thoughts in her head that the greatest of science and technology wouldn't ever be able to understand. she typically enjoys writing greatly, aswell as music. she finds things like this, a way to express her true emotions and inner most deepest cravings or insecurites. she is very misunderstood and assumed to be less than what she is, or perceives herself to be. when she falls for the one she loves, she never lets go. the moment she starts to love you, you've earned a significant place in her heart and you are special to her. you'd be a fool to let daisiella slip out of your life. she's rebellious, and has the sense of humor that she takes seriously but you find hilarious. daisy loves flowers, the stars, and the moon. she loves the things in life that are pure and alive. she puts others before herself but knows who she should and shouldn't. she always tries to stay positive no matter how lament, or worthless she feels. she is independent, but normally because she has to be. daisiella; a one of a kind. she's like a flower that hides in the dark, when she knows she needs light.
daisiella: “ayeee lmao you as hot as the bottom of my laptop bae!!”
daisiella: “no? okay uhm anyways wow”
by savannah ramos January 16, 2014
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