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Dahab is an amazing cute funny girl that can bitchy & annoying sometimes but she is beautiful on the inside & the outside. Everyone would like to be her friend because of her well-known personality. She will fight u if you annoy her or get on her nerves. She also had beautiful eyes. She also loves either coffee or tea. She is a social girl that everyone would like to talk to her. You can always jinx with her or she can finish ur sentence if your a good friend to her. She is smart & stunning. She also likes attention from other people and she gets distracted by the weirdest things. Her name means gold in Arabic. She is just gorgeous & really funny.
Dahab is so funny I jinxed with her twice today!
Tell me about It she is so gorgeous
by Janey76 April 02, 2018
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Hottest boi in the world ill smash him and rape him to fucking death biggest dick in the world uhh.
Dahab is a man that can smash harder then dicks
by lil pumpon April 21, 2018
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