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Similar to damn! Often used when the range of emotion/ rage you feel cannot be defined in just a singular expletive swearword.
'Dagnammit, i always miss these things!'
by solongandthanks.. May 03, 2005
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When one gets upset at something or someone than decides not to take "the man upstairs" name in vain therefore blurting out "Dag nammit". Also used by midwest rednecks.
Dag nammit Girtrude you done did it again and broke my dang ol' rifle, now how I'm going to catch me some possum?
by Doogie Howser M.D. February 19, 2009
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Its just a less blasphemous way of saying God dammit, it means exactly the same thing because it is the same thing. Its a bit like cockney rhyming slang.
Why are you all unable to see that this means God dammit!? Dag nammit!
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