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A pauper who files countless frivolous lawsuits, hoping to cash in. Usually an older person who doesn't have work income, and will prey on widows for a place to live. Often a die-hard liberal, with a less than average IQ, whose has homosexual tendencies and fantasies who will project those fantasies on others as an insult.
That guy is a Dafinch, he moved into an 87 year old veterans house and married that veterans wife!

See kids, that man in the courtroom, he is here every month. Thats a Dafinch, he files lawsuits as a pauper so he doesnt have to pay court fees.

"Go stick an acid covered dildo up your ass, after you fuck your mother, and while you are sucking moose cock" said the Dafinch, while secretly reveling in the fact that this was a fantasy of his
by Ervin Pauper February 08, 2018
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