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The most beautiful, forgiving girl I will ever know and love
by Chang12346 December 20, 2017
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A super attractive man who loves nothing more than death and sadness, Everyone bows down to the sexiest man, he makes everyone happy because he has many slaves, anyone named this is automatically hot and attracts emos, due to his sadness
Henry: Daegen is so legit, he smashed his chick so many times, I can’t even smash mine once
Rob: i know right, he’s so damn lucky
by Honeybooboosnatched June 01, 2018
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A weak little shid who constantly throws his controller/headset because of virginite. He always asks for pp pics but never sends back which makes his waifu sad
Damn I've sent Daegen so many pp pics but he never sounds back (-,_-,)
by S.s leader December 23, 2018
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A beautiful woman who has a loving personality. Daegen is someone people love to be around because she is really goofy. She is a sensitive human being but is very compassionate and very ambitious. Daegen has big boobs and a little gripable booty. She can be a huge freak on her time. You ask her to do something freaky she shuts down quick. But keep in mind she’s a Jesus freak
Daegen is FREAK💦
by #sharkeysha# January 04, 2019
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