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noun, da boy who just got to do his stuff; most especially, any teenager testing his/her personal limits and/or any/all artificial boundaries (i.e., those non-physical restraints set by any/all authority figures; e.g., forgetting to lock them in their room until at least age 20)... Suspected by some parents and other suspected "authority figures" as just another attention seeking device designed and used by said teenager to ellicit sympathy and cash donations.

also sometimes spelled: d'bug, duh bug, da bug
feminine variant spellings: duh buga, dabuga, d'buga,

variant forms: verb, unconjugated, "to dabug"
adverb/adjective; d'buggin'

also see: d'bugger (d'booger,sic)-- a person who acts like or tries to imitate dabug in a crude or rude form.
Mama: "David is being dabug."
Papa: "David is acting like a 16er. Again! Did you accidently forgettin let da boy' get outta his bed room? When I wazza young-un, I never..."

"omg, no. Not Again! why did i have to say anything..."

Little Sister: (to above 'rents, spoken with a voice as sweet as four-leafed clover honey, and with an angelically soft smile)
"Practice on David and get your rest while you can...
I'll be a teenager before you know it."
by Gus Grue March 02, 2007
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