Rarely used in conversation, it is used as a sarcastic comment by someone who is angry. Lee Evans once used this in one of his shows
John: Im sorry jeff but i ran over your cat
Jeff: WHAT?!
John: Dont worry tho, it didnt feel anything
Jeff: Fan-dabby-fuckin-dozy! (punches john)
by uber dan July 23, 2009
A fun snack or finger food. They can be served as an appetizer or eaten in excess as a meal.
"Hey mom, are you putting out a dibby-dabby for the party later?"

"Yes, son. I have selected Buffalo chicken dip, cheese with crackers, and finger sandwiches as our dibby dabbies for the evening"
by ali to the wali October 31, 2020
Your dabbing rabbi. The sensei that teaches you the centuries old art form that is 'the way of the dab' and warns you about the risks of giving into evil and embracing 'the dark dab'.
Just got back from a session with my dabbi
by bookkake November 28, 2016
A blonde headed beast summoned from fire and brimstone, usually dwelling in a family residence disguised as a mother, father or most commonly a sibling. The Dabbis feeds off garbage and cheese to quench It’s hunger for human flesh. The Dabbis patiently stalks the rest of the family waiting for the opportune moment to feast.

Usually in the night it will suck it’s victims entrails out through the anus leaving behind a lifeless skin bag that the Dabbis will later lay its eggs in. Once the Dabbis has devoured the family it will replace the members with its Dabbis hatchlings. To prow and feed off neighbors and friends for as long as possible.

The Dabbis is incredibly hostile, DO NOT touch its food it will attack and try to kill you. NEVER tell a Dabbis it’s wrong, It will kill you.

If you suspect you have a Dabbis in your home, you must capture it and drown it in holy water. If you don’t manage to catch the Dabbis in your home, your entire family will surely suffer a most painful death. Beware of this hellish beast.
Bob, I think sue is a bloodthirsty Dabbis. I have seen her making beastly groans while eating fast food out of the trash!
by John fstick September 27, 2020
Term used for getting ready to do some dabs with the homies
Aye bro’s! Who wants a dabby wabby?!
by Fifaboi December 3, 2019
Adjective to describe a person who likes to dab
She was so dabby on the dance floor!
by Epic Beebo August 29, 2016
Adjective to describe a person who likes to dab
She was so dabby on the dance floor!
by Epic Beebo August 29, 2016