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synonyms: daapful

(adj.) a sarcastic combination of fantastic and the DAAP program at the University of Cincinnati. Primarily used to refer derogatively to scenesters with high hopes of ambition soon to be crushed by their complete lack of artistic ability. May also refer to the building itself, which, having no right corners, is incapable of being mapped for the purposes of finding a classroom.
(1): That soup can on the wall might be considered an homage to Andy Warhol. However, Andy Warhol did it first, making the copy looking daaptastic.

(2): Person 1: Did you get lost in DAAP?

Person 2: I went out a door that led out to a grassy knoll and did not have a handle so I could not get back in. Daaptastic!
by thepandoracode July 22, 2010
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