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We do everything for da queen...
She will die, most sad tings.
But we will find a new queen

Knuckles + Bobs = Queen
β€œWe jump toughether, DIe toughether, do everyting toughether, spit toughether
All, 4 da queen”
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by UgAndAnn KnUxles January 19, 2018
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a gurl that knoez she iz da shit and has a lot of confidence in herself no matter whut otha people may say or think
Yo, dis Amber bka Lil Mike and Im da queen 4 sho
by Amber bka Lil Mike February 12, 2003
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The queen of the Ugandan knuckles, one of the quests that they undertake to find the wei. The requirements are that you have to be a believer, and often it is mandatory to be a female.
Knuckles #1 I have found our queen!
Knuckles #2 DA QUEEN!
The rest of the tribe *loud appreciative clucking noises*
by DAT KNUCKLES BOI May 04, 2018
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