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when u eat too much and u get tired and cant do nothin but sleep.
say for instance you just ate some fried chicken and rice from the chinese spot. ya friends call you up like lets go out. but damn u just ate all that food and u now your tired. you tell your friends maybe in a half i got da itus.

pronounced. I-tus
by Harlemsbestgirl July 23, 2006
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Da-itus.....The fear that, out there, somewhere, someone is happy...

An organic cerebral dysfunction, Da-itus is characterised by
megalomaniacal outbursts of a phallic and anal nature, akin to
pukka-phobia. A psychosomatic disease, Da-itus is commonly thought to
affect morose adolescents exposed to coitus-interruptus, or more
likely, coitus-nevergotus. Symptoms include a tendency to suffer
moments of prostrate, tempestuous puffiness in the nether regions,
Da-itus is often associated with salacious, irksome, invertebrates,
with sufferers tending to be prone to a plethera of fatal atractions.
Da Battyboy is da sufferer of da-itus
by ManYooMan May 07, 2005
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